How I cleared myself

So, my psoriasis has been treated on and off using UVB light therapy since 2004 when I was first diagnosed.  Using this method for my Psoriasis seemed the best alternative for me at the time.  Even when biologic came on the scene, the side effects and changes in my immune system did not seem safe to me.  I continued to use UVB light therapy to treat my psoriasis until 2016.  Never once
in that time did my dermatologist tell me that there may be a link between immune disorders, their inflammation, and my diet.

I was truly blessed the day I stumbled across what some would call a conspiracy video, called “The American Parasite”.  Not only were my eyes open to the dangers of sugar, and how it is everything we consume, but also that it may have been feeding a fungal infection that was plaguing my body and causing my immune system to go haywire.

Its oregano oil and a sugar free lifestyle:

CAUTION: please keep reading before using oregano oil.

Yet when everything in our society is made with some form of sugar except for pure leafy greens themselves, it is hard to know where to begin.  Reading literature from Naturopath Erik Bakke2017-04-10_12.53.12r, I was sold on using oregano oil to kick start my fight against candida, and my decade long battle with psoriasis.  Although he recommends using pill form of this product, I use a potent 100% oregano oil .

Never in all my years of suffering have I witnessed or felt better results.  My skin is clear, and I can express how happy I feel inside. please believe me when I say I now know there is a cause and a solution for the pain and discomfort that Psoriasis exposes you to. If you are truly tired of the pain, the questions, the covering up, the expensive treatments and more, than try this like I did.

!! Please use caution when using pure oregano oil as it has a carvacrol percentage of 70% or higher.  This means it burns.  Please keep this product away from eyes and even avoid drops on the skin.!!

Along with a mostly sugar-free diet, I simply dilute a few drops of oregano oil in water and drink without allowing the water to touch my lips.