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Alcohol & Psoriasis

Being that alcohol is the most refined sugar available, it can literally be absorbed directly into the walls of your digestive system. This is basically giving the yeast infection most psoriasis sufferers unknowingly have a concentrated dose of the thing they love most… sugar.  When I first began my fight against candida, and gave up sugar trying to rid my body of unhealthy yeast, I relapsed.  I was almost 8 days into my new sugar free lifestyle when I consumed several shots of whiskey.  Within the hour I was experiencing symptoms of oral thrush.  I experienced first hand how my hard work went down the drain by simply giving my body sugar.

In our society alcohol is everywhere.  It is in the shows and movies we watch.  It is on billboards, and sponsors our major sporting events.  It is sold in every market, grocery store and even some gas statalcoholions.  Served at most restaurants, and even paired with foods.  Today women have become the targeted demographic with alcoholic beverages featuring women, and playful, colorful, images meant to appeal to a women.  For the alcoholic it seems almost inescapable.  When we have a bad day, we have a drink to wind down.  When we celebrate a
victory, or promotion, or milestone, we toast to the occasion.  In most cases we have all of this reinforced behavior or image when it comes to drinking alcohol, and little education on the ways it can devastate your life, family, and and even moreso your health. Needless to say I am a advocate on all of the ways drinking can steal the joy from someone’s life.

Someone I knew once asked me why I would take a depressant when I am depressed, and the worse my skin/body felt, the more I wanted to hide away, and of course drink.  I never at first realized the correlation between drinking and my psoriasis, because during periods of no alcohol, I still had symptoms and growth of inflamed areas because my diet had not changed, and I was still lacking essential nutrients.  It was time to take some serious control over my drinking and my understanding that if I prefer to drink over not drink, than my health, my life, and even my family would continue to deteriorate.  I find Eric Bakker to be brilliant when it comes to the understanding of what causes inflammation, and steps to the prevention of Psoriasis.  Eric is very adamant about the use of alcohol, and its detrimental effects on the body.  Check out his video. he talks specifically and passionately about the importance of stopping the use of alcohol. (6:45)   Candida crusher

If you or anyone you kno is having trouble with alcohol abuse please do not hesitate to contact help.

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Dressing for Psoriasis

I believe wholeheartedly that a person’s outer appearance can affect the way we socialize.  It is no secret that the importance social connection is critical for our well being.  But what if you were afraid to leave the house because of Psoriasis.  What if every time you did live the house, you spent the entire time wondering, and worrying if others were staring, wondering what was wrong with you.  Covering up affected areas until inflammation has diminished seems all well and fine but what about the warm days, the romantic evenings, or dressing for special occasions.

One of the things I personally hated about my Psoriasis was the way it kept me from wearing what truly made me comfortable.  No tanks, or shorts on hot summer days. I was once told by an E.R. Dr. that I should move to Arizona and my Psoriasis would “clear right up”.  Well I did make that move, and no, it did not clear or diminish my Psoriasis in any capacity.  I was just confined to wearing long sleeves and pants in 100 plus degree weather.  Also, there is no swimming at the beach or in a pool with friends when you suffer with patches that can burn or be irritated by chlorine and other harsh chemicals. No beautiful dresses for a night out.

Over time I learned to acclimate, get creative with my Psoriasis symptoms.  I found some articles of clothing19070_1324098753384_3332739_n that would reflect who I was while at the same time keeping me safe from peering eyes, fear, and criticism that always come with having psoriasis.  Sleeves with thumb holes were my favorite article of clothing.  Wearing skirts or dresses was accomplished by wearing thick dance nylons.
The material was thick enough to hide the Psoriasis inflammation, but looked natural enough to sport in public.  Gloves were my go to item for any occasion to hide my most noticeable area, my hands.  Although burdensome many of these articles of clothing were affordable in comparison with the treatment that required 75 dollars per week and at minimum 6 hours of travel and wait time.

Being that I was diagnosed when I was fairly young I did not want to miss out on any fun.  I also dealt with massive sense of insecurity after my divorce.  I once 12029670_10207660849670124_1333652637656858682_ospoke to the women sleeping with my ex husband and she made sure to make mention of all of the things my ex hated about my skin and how he did not want to touch me.  I was driven to exude sex appeal and I was not going to let my Psoriasis get in the way.  I tried to look sexy, using what I could to stay covered.  I used to think how can I be revealing while covered.  Looking back at old photos I can see how badly I was screaming for attention, making my insecurities as clear as day, and
begging for negative attention.  Many of my friends did not even know that I was dealing with Psoriasis, let alone all of the extra emotional baggage that came along with it.  I can say now that those days are behind me.

Although I no longer need to stay covered as I have been clear for many months without treatment.  I know all too well the struggle to find clothing that can feel comfortable and attractive.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Psoriasis?

So there has been buzz on the use of apple cider vinegar and its power to combat Psoriasis for many years.  With some youtube testimonials reaching around 200 thousand views, it is no secret that people are seeking effective cures for Psoriasis symptoms.  The use of this product is meant for both internal and external treatment of inflammation.  Although I have researched the benefits of internal uses of apple cider vinegar, and even saw benefit through its use for weight loss, I have had no such luck with external use of apple cider vinegar. I still however, take a shot of apple cider vinegar every morning due to its other health benefits

The video below incorporates the use of hemp oil, Dr. Bronner’s soap, and apple cider vinegar.  I have tried this method, and aside from being tedious, and foul smelling, the last step of applying the vinegar, actually caused a painful sting.  I did not see results after almost two weeks of using this process.  I do however usually like to be optimistic, so, I will attempt to try this method again.  Also some treatments that do not work for me may possibly work for the next person, so I say try it yourself.


  1. Applying hemp seed oil directly to the scalp and/or affected area of the scalp allowing the oil to sit covered for up to 6 hours or overnight.
  2. Wash the scalp several times with Bronner’s soap.
  3. Apply apple cider vinegar with an applicator bottle directly to scalp and let sit for 2 to 5 minutes.

So there it is.  and many others like it.  I will try this method again and post my results, to see if this method of treating scalp psoriasis really works.  In the meantime, I say try this method for yourself, you may find different results.

Dr. Bronner’s Soap
Hemp Oil
Apple Cider Vinegar

Is sugar free the way to be?

Many of the hours, weeks and months I have spent searching for the biological cause of Psoriasis, my search has somehow always led me back to one key conclusion. Does diet have a real effect in the way Psoriasis is triggered? I believe wholeheartedly that diet has everything to do with the painful symptoms14324609_10210524099449579_1512535299517146792_o that occur in the psoriasis sufferer.  One naturopath specifically states that in his experience, he has found that 70% of Psoriasis cases also have signs of candida infections as well.

Now for any of you whom have taken a basic biology class, we learn that this type of fungal infection feeds off of high fructose, and other sugar based food and drink. In fact, I have taken a try at sugar-free diet, and saw improvement within a week’s time. However, even with no sugar the Psoriatic has to be cautious of many other foods as well. Much of the advice about diet states that it takes weeks of healing before introducing foods back into the diet.

However, I have seen improvements within days of cutting out breads, greasy fried foods, and soda.  When I can legitimately stick to a sugar free diet, the itching and burning subsides.  However when I indulge, almost immediately I can feel the effects.  It almost feels like my scalp is crawling. Gross right?  Nonetheless the effect that diet has for the psoriasis patient go hand in hand.  SO what foods can we consume that rid us of those nasty sugar cravings?  Almonds are a quick go to snack when feeling the need to have sugary snacks because almonds have been known to be used by recovering alcoholics for their ability to reduce sugar cravings.  Cacao is another of nature’s helpers that many sugar free diet authors recommend. Rich in magnesium cacao helps to combat the sugar rush/crash. It seems that sugar not only hurts the psoriasis sufferer but the arthritis, Crohn’s, and Hashimoto’s sufferers as well.  Journalist Sarah Wilson explains her journey with a sugar free lifestyle, and the drastic improvements in her health that followed.


I have read and implemented this 21 day sugar detox program and I feel the information available can be a source of comfort and prevention of inflammation. This program is amazing!
Check out this amazing program
Sarah Wilson’s plan to quit sugar for good





Work from within: Combatting inflammation with lifestyle changes.

Can changing the way we think change the way we suffer.  I say yes.  Even with a diagnosis such as Psoriasis, one of the best things I will ever put my name behind is a book about Neuro Linguistic Programming called NLP: The Guide to Neuro Linguistic Programming. When first diagnosed, dermatologist Dr. Robert J. Signore, believed that my symptoms were brought on by stress, and perception calling my Psoriasis the “poor woman’s disease”.  He proceeded to give me a placebo (water with sepia), and told me to try to stay relaxed, and that my Psoriasis symptoms would subside.

I felt patronized and insulted that he was treating my Psoriasis, this newly experienced disease, as some sort of state of mind. A state of mind that I could control with my thoughts.  Having painful sores spreading over my entire body, he felt water neurowith sepia would cure my mental affliction and Psoriasis would no longer ail me.  However absurd, state of mind can actually be important when dealing with Psoriasis.  The World Health Organization states that nearly 7% of psoriasis patients end their lives in suicide.  I am no exception to this statistic, as I felt like If I could not be part of society, or would end up homeless trying to pay for treatment, that I had no real quality of life. Gaining control of your emotional state while expressing signs of inflammation, can be a key component in treating and preventing symptoms of Psoriasis.

Having this information, I scoured the internet on ways for the regular person to get a healthy grasp on the self-image without expensive therapy, or support groups.  What I did find was Neuro Linguistic Programming.  The techniques taught in Neuro Linguistic practices, teach the individual to overcome fears, habits, procrastination and increase their personal level of confidence.

While all of this seems a little in the interest of self-help, when a person is diagnosed with Psoriasis, it can wear on the self-image, creating an unhealthy fear of social situations. If feeling good about the self, can help increase social interactions, create healthy relationships, and decrease the incidence of isolation, depression and even suicide, then I say this is a must.  In the novel Social we see that being social is not just a crucial part of human development, but has been for the span of our evolution, making us the advanced species we are today.  Even certain mammals find strength in numbers, and having strong social networks can help us to thrive.

When we relate the correlation of diet with the prevalence of inflammation and psoriasis symptoms, having control of impulses, and making lifestyle changes starts with the mind, and can be greatly improved with NLP training.  Using exercises to fight that little voice in our head is not only beneficial to Psoriasis sufferers, but it is useful for overall health. Even for the person not afflicted, having control over your life can be rewarding in every way.  Learning these techniques have improved my life and brought me from a place of desperation and solitude, to living a life of optimism and strength.  Even giving me the confidence to start this site.  I highly recommend this area of learning to anyone reading this.

Try my favorite NLP literature NLP: The Essential Guide to Neuro-Linguistic Training this book is the best!!
Check out this amazing guide
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