Alcohol & Psoriasis

Being that alcohol is the most refined sugar available, it can literally be absorbed directly into the walls of your digestive system. This is basically giving the yeast infection most psoriasis sufferers unknowingly have a concentrated dose of the thing they love most… sugar.  When I first began my fight against candida, and gave up sugar trying to rid my body of unhealthy yeast, I relapsed.  I was almost 8 days into my new sugar free lifestyle when I consumed several shots of whiskey.  Within the hour I was experiencing symptoms of oral thrush.  I experienced first hand how my hard work went down the drain by simply giving my body sugar.

In our society alcohol is everywhere.  It is in the shows and movies we watch.  It is on billboards, and sponsors our major sporting events.  It is sold in every market, grocery store and even some gas statalcoholions.  Served at most restaurants, and even paired with foods.  Today women have become the targeted demographic with alcoholic beverages featuring women, and playful, colorful, images meant to appeal to a women.  For the alcoholic it seems almost inescapable.  When we have a bad day, we have a drink to wind down.  When we celebrate a
victory, or promotion, or milestone, we toast to the occasion.  In most cases we have all of this reinforced behavior or image when it comes to drinking alcohol, and little education on the ways it can devastate your life, family, and and even moreso your health. Needless to say I am a advocate on all of the ways drinking can steal the joy from someone’s life.

Someone I knew once asked me why I would take a depressant when I am depressed, and the worse my skin/body felt, the more I wanted to hide away, and of course drink.  I never at first realized the correlation between drinking and my psoriasis, because during periods of no alcohol, I still had symptoms and growth of inflamed areas because my diet had not changed, and I was still lacking essential nutrients.  It was time to take some serious control over my drinking and my understanding that if I prefer to drink over not drink, than my health, my life, and even my family would continue to deteriorate.  I find Eric Bakker to be brilliant when it comes to the understanding of what causes inflammation, and steps to the prevention of Psoriasis.  Eric is very adamant about the use of alcohol, and its detrimental effects on the body.  Check out his video. he talks specifically and passionately about the importance of stopping the use of alcohol. (6:45)   Candida crusher

If you or anyone you kno is having trouble with alcohol abuse please do not hesitate to contact help.

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