Work from within: Combatting inflammation with lifestyle changes.

Can changing the way we think change the way we suffer.  I say yes.  Even with a diagnosis such as Psoriasis, one of the best things I will ever put my name behind is a book about Neuro Linguistic Programming called NLP: The Guide to Neuro Linguistic Programming. When first diagnosed, dermatologist Dr. Robert J. Signore, believed that my symptoms were brought on by stress, and perception calling my Psoriasis the “poor woman’s disease”.  He proceeded to give me a placebo (water with sepia), and told me to try to stay relaxed, and that my Psoriasis symptoms would subside.

I felt patronized and insulted that he was treating my Psoriasis, this newly experienced disease, as some sort of state of mind. A state of mind that I could control with my thoughts.  Having painful sores spreading over my entire body, he felt water neurowith sepia would cure my mental affliction and Psoriasis would no longer ail me.  However absurd, state of mind can actually be important when dealing with Psoriasis.  The World Health Organization states that nearly 7% of psoriasis patients end their lives in suicide.  I am no exception to this statistic, as I felt like If I could not be part of society, or would end up homeless trying to pay for treatment, that I had no real quality of life. Gaining control of your emotional state while expressing signs of inflammation, can be a key component in treating and preventing symptoms of Psoriasis.

Having this information, I scoured the internet on ways for the regular person to get a healthy grasp on the self-image without expensive therapy, or support groups.  What I did find was Neuro Linguistic Programming.  The techniques taught in Neuro Linguistic practices, teach the individual to overcome fears, habits, procrastination and increase their personal level of confidence.

While all of this seems a little in the interest of self-help, when a person is diagnosed with Psoriasis, it can wear on the self-image, creating an unhealthy fear of social situations. If feeling good about the self, can help increase social interactions, create healthy relationships, and decrease the incidence of isolation, depression and even suicide, then I say this is a must.  In the novel Social we see that being social is not just a crucial part of human development, but has been for the span of our evolution, making us the advanced species we are today.  Even certain mammals find strength in numbers, and having strong social networks can help us to thrive.

When we relate the correlation of diet with the prevalence of inflammation and psoriasis symptoms, having control of impulses, and making lifestyle changes starts with the mind, and can be greatly improved with NLP training.  Using exercises to fight that little voice in our head is not only beneficial to Psoriasis sufferers, but it is useful for overall health. Even for the person not afflicted, having control over your life can be rewarding in every way.  Learning these techniques have improved my life and brought me from a place of desperation and solitude, to living a life of optimism and strength.  Even giving me the confidence to start this site.  I highly recommend this area of learning to anyone reading this.

Try my favorite NLP literature NLP: The Essential Guide to Neuro-Linguistic Training this book is the best!!
Check out this amazing guide
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