Is sugar free the way to be?

Many of the hours, weeks and months I have spent searching for the biological cause of Psoriasis, my search has somehow always led me back to one key conclusion. Does diet have a real effect in the way Psoriasis is triggered? I believe wholeheartedly that diet has everything to do with the painful symptoms14324609_10210524099449579_1512535299517146792_o that occur in the psoriasis sufferer.  One naturopath specifically states that in his experience, he has found that 70% of Psoriasis cases also have signs of candida infections as well.

Now for any of you whom have taken a basic biology class, we learn that this type of fungal infection feeds off of high fructose, and other sugar based food and drink. In fact, I have taken a try at sugar-free diet, and saw improvement within a week’s time. However, even with no sugar the Psoriatic has to be cautious of many other foods as well. Much of the advice about diet states that it takes weeks of healing before introducing foods back into the diet.

However, I have seen improvements within days of cutting out breads, greasy fried foods, and soda.  When I can legitimately stick to a sugar free diet, the itching and burning subsides.  However when I indulge, almost immediately I can feel the effects.  It almost feels like my scalp is crawling. Gross right?  Nonetheless the effect that diet has for the psoriasis patient go hand in hand.  SO what foods can we consume that rid us of those nasty sugar cravings?  Almonds are a quick go to snack when feeling the need to have sugary snacks because almonds have been known to be used by recovering alcoholics for their ability to reduce sugar cravings.  Cacao is another of nature’s helpers that many sugar free diet authors recommend. Rich in magnesium cacao helps to combat the sugar rush/crash. It seems that sugar not only hurts the psoriasis sufferer but the arthritis, Crohn’s, and Hashimoto’s sufferers as well.  Journalist Sarah Wilson explains her journey with a sugar free lifestyle, and the drastic improvements in her health that followed.


I have read and implemented this 21 day sugar detox program and I feel the information available can be a source of comfort and prevention of inflammation. This program is amazing!
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Sarah Wilson’s plan to quit sugar for good





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