My personal experience

I remember I was 24, and just celebrated the birth of my first child, when I would face a future of challenges I never expected.  I felt healthy and normal for the most part and , I was losing weight from the pregnancy and after months of exercising beginning to slowly feel like myself again.  I owned a small business on the south
side of Chicago with my husband at the time, and tried to balance life at home, at work, and with school, as I was pursuing a degree in the medical field.  It was not very long, later that year in fact, that I noticed a small patch of dry skin.  Like my normal routine I put a little lotion on it and went about my life as usual. As weeks past, I thought to myself, “what a stubborn little spot”. Nothing was clearing up the dry patch and I thought maybe it was time to get some better lotion.

My first visit to the dermatologist I crossed the threshold of the office door, imagining that I would simply get some cream or lotion and be on my way.  Not only did I get a rude awakening to a much deeper issue, the Dr. was straightforward in telling me that I have an autoimmune disease to which there was no cure, and that it was going to get far worse than just a small patch on my elbow.

I sat there thinking what does he mean by worse, why is he being a jerk trying to scare me and how did I get an immune disorder?  I left furious, and ready to seek another opinion, as I knew little to nothing about psoriasis.  Little did I know, that I would spend the next 10 years shamein pain, and shame, hiding from the world.  Having to explain my odd style of dress (i.e. gloves and sleeves in the summer), and the tons of flakes on my scalp and in my hair. I would let this affliction ruin my career, relationships,marriage, and school pursuits, and put myself thousands of dollars in debt trying to treat my painful and stigmatic symptoms.  I would run from my responsibilities as a mother as my now two year old child was scared to touch me, cringing at the sight of my hands reaching out to her and become so insecure and paranoid that I destroyed my friendships

I took night jobs at hospitals and hospice care, so there would be fewer people to interact with, and pretty soon cut all ties with the old life I had with my family and happy home.  After seeking multiple opinions including the dermatology specialist at Rush Medical University in Chicago, I still came up with little to no solution except expensive lifelong treatment that would last the rest of my life.  All physical shame aside, plaques can be painful and sore, leaving a sufferer struggling to perform even the simplest of tasks.  Even showering would burn and leave me avoiding my hygiene.

I believe now, that had I been properly educated on the prevention of of flare ups, while I was still young enough to make a lifestyle change, it could have prevented years of trauma.  That being said, tomorrow is still unwritten, a lifestyle change is still possible, and I am making this page to help others out there have honest product reviews, and decide which treatment or products will help to ease the suffering of Psoriasis.

Here is my skin today I have been clear without treatment for several months for the first time in 10 years.





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