Psoriasis Prevention

With an upwards of 100 million of the world’s population suffering with Psoriasis, about 7.5 million new cases of Psoriasis will evolve by 2035.  Please keep reading as I believe I can bring hope to anyone suffering with Psoriasis.

With thousands of personal videos, blogs, and articles about psoriasis, sifting through the truly helpful information can be a daunting task.  Many sufferers fall prey to a variety of cure all Psoriasis sites, claiming to have researcha magic pill or ointment that will magically cure Psoriasis and give buyers relief they so long for.  So where can we who suffer from Psoriasis, go to find truly prevalent information, well for me I had to do the sifting.  It has taken me years of learning and reading, along with trial and error of my own personal experience with Psoriasis, to come today with some true relief solutions, and preventative maintenance that work. ( World Health Organization report )

Psoriasis is a noncommunicable autoimmune disease that pisolation.jpgresents itself on the skin, scalp, and nails.  Psoriasis develops mostly symmetrical lesions that are often covered in white or silvery patches.  Psoriasis can cover small areas or a large percentage of the body, affecting hands, feet, knees, elbows, scalp, and genital areas.  Also, spreading throughout the limbs and trunk, Psoriasis can devastate the body.  Said to be incurable, Psoriasis can not only be detrimental to your health, but can have a large impact on your social well-being, and lead to long term damage from inflammation.  If
not treated, Psoriasis can be painful, disfiguring, and difficult to manage.

Psoriasis affects no one age group, because even though prevalent in those 50-85, Psoriasis can affect children and anyone in between. Along with not only painful visible symptoms of Psoriasis, the emotional and social aspects are equal in the measure of quality of life.  Psoriasis sufferers experience social stigma, isolation, and depression. Of those diagnosed with Psoriasis a staggering 6-8% have shown suicidal tendencies.  Even if the social aspects of Psoriasis could be changed or more readily excepted by the public, there remains the pain, disfigurement, and arthritic discomfort often associated with those combatting the disease over time.

When speaking of thmoneye economic burden, Psoriasis sufferers not only lose time off work due to the overall discomfort during flare ups, but as I have experienced, can also lose their employment out of the social fears that almost always accompany a person experiencing visible Psoriasis symptoms.  Loss of wages is only one aspect of the economic burden of having Psoriasis.  Being that Psoriasis is labeled as a pre-existing condition, many if not most insurance companies have trouble covering the costly, ongoing treatment.  So, paying out of pocket for Psoriasis treatments such as UVB, can become a burden on the patient and their families.

Being that many persons with Psoriasis living on low to medium incomes do not readily have experienced dermatologists available to their area or in their budget, often time inexperienced physicians are left to diagnose symptoms.  This inexperience leads to prolonged suffering that could have been prevented and treated with a proper early onset diagnoses. It seems that epidemiological studies in dermatology are still lacking and although manageable with expensive treatments, Psoriasis is said to still have no known cause or cure.  Ultimately many of those with Psoriasis will get a prevention checklist of “do’s and don’ts” that may or may not help with the inflammation caused by Psoriasis and be sent on there way.  When and if Psoriasis triggered inflammation reaches an intolerable point and treatment is necessary, it can be difficult to find affordable treatment. Knowing what you are up against with Psoriasis is the first step. Realistic prevention techniques are available.  Knowing where to start when learning the prevention of Psoriasis symptoms can be difficult to find, but nonetheless available. Psoriasis prevention starts within.  If an individual afflicted with Psoriasis can learn the concept of prevention, and take initiative towards the prevention of Psoriasis symptoms, the quality of life can be altered for the better.

One very important concept, surgeryas with any disease, and not just Psoriasis, is the way the medical industry approaches our health.  Our society teaches that if something is wrong, suppress it, cover it up, or cut it out.  Prevention is often disregarded as it is dependent upon the individual’s efforts.
Psoriasis is one of those tricky ailments, that can be drastically eased with prevention measures including a change in lifestyle.  Those in the medical industry cannot make the individual lead the healthiest lifestyle, only suggest it, then move on to viable methods of treating such diseases as Psoriasis.  Therefore, in terms of prevention, discipline m
ay be the key.

Early on in my scouring of information about Psoriasis and Psoriasis prevention, I read a comment in a blog by a woman whom had suffered from Psoriasis for over 10 years.  Her words were simple and here 10 years later I have never forgotten them.  She said plainly, that once she changed her lifestyle, her Psoriasis symptoms became almost non-existent.  Prevention techniques in the form of diet and habit, were essential to finding relief from long term chronic inflammation.  Reading those words made a major impact on me and the way I handled my Psoriasis in the following decade.  Psoriasis has brought me to a place of devastation, realization, and at the same time growth.  My Psoriasis today has been manageable with no severe signs of inflammation, and ongoing healing like I have never experienced before.  The prevention of my Psoriasis has not only been beneficial to my symptoms but my overall health.

Being that many website under Psoriasis and Psoriasis Prevention seek to give quick explanation to symptoms, it is important to learn what may really be causing your body to attack itself.  Not only do I feel that there is definitely cause for Psoriasis but also a cure.  With time and effort, I believe any individual suffering with Psoriasis can experience drastic improvement of everyday Psoriasis symptoms through prevention techniques.

Check out our blog, and feel free to contact me with updated prevalent information regarding the treatment and prevention of psoriasis symptoms.